Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Arrow: Eleven Fifty Nine - Did Laura Really Die?

Got to admit that I only started watching Arrow back in 2015. After a positive experience of Netflix binge watching, I gave a try to The Flash when it was announced. Oh boy, there is no doubt that Arrow and The Flash are the best Comics Inspired TV shows, period. Arrow has consistently delivered high octaned seasons while The Flash's second season is, by my humble opinion, even better than the first. Mind you, "Enter Zoom" and "Whatever-episode-Deathstroke-appeared-in-Arrow"   are sitting at the top of my all time favorite episodes. Also, what makes them great is the fact that anyone who is not deeply familiar with American comics (DC/Marvel) universes can enjoy them.

Ahem...I'm getting carried away. Tonight's ending of Arrow was so
emotionally packed. I did not see this coming at all. Has the Black Canary really died? I hope not! Although I liked Sarah Lance better than Laura Lance as the Black Canary, I was starting to really like Laura. Though she hasn't spent years surviving on an Island, or training in the arts of mysticism or the ways of ninjitsu, she gave her whole to find her place in Team Arrow and don the name Black Canary.

Now two, perhaps three, questions should be raised:

1) Did Laura really Die? 
I hope not, but I fear so. We all remember the first episode of season 4 in which Oliver and Felicity left the cemetery with a promise of vengeance. It seems that Laura was the one who was buried, or was it? Screenwriters love to play with viewers emotions after all.

2) Who'll be the Next Black Canary
Reason why I'm asking this is because the title for season 4 episode 19 will be "The Canary Cry". Something tells me we are dealing with a birth cry, or a resurrection? I doubt the latter because of number 3.

3) What Promise Oliver Made to Laura?
Most likely a promise to not resurrect her. Oops, I think the Lazarus Pit was frozen which means no new Walking Dead will be taking place anytime soon. Damn if I know. But what I know is this was a wonderful episode and I can't wait til next week.

Peace y'all!

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