Monday, March 14, 2016

MKV Files Keep Being Locked by Windows Explorer - Fix

Solution down there

Finally found a fix to an issue that was giving me quite a migraine. For an unknown reason, I wasn't able to move or rename my MKV files. I kept receiving the error that the file was locked by Windows Explorer.
I came across
Unlocker as a workaround. It worked very well, but the extra steps are know...too much. Anyway, I finally found a permanent fix doing a one last time Google search. The guy who provided the fix was ironically the one looking for a solution. Sometime there is just not enough fix-fish in the vast ocean known as internet.
After uninstalling DivX, voila the problem is gone!  I mainly used it to play DivX videos online, but since I didn't need the codecs, I uninstalled the codec pack from my PC.
Once again, the internet wins! Thanks random forum poster!
After some more googling, it appears that DivXPropertyHandler.dll was in fact the culprit. I uninstalled DivX from my PC and the issue disappeared.
Source is here

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