Monday, April 11, 2016

Still Got Your Old Video Games and Electronics?

My super mint condition DBZ Tenkaichi 3 for PS2

Still got some of your old PS2 games stored securely somewhere in your basement or storage closet? If they're in mint or very good conditions, you might wanna take a quick look at their value on EBay or Amazon, like right now! It could be worth a little fortune, or not. 

Since I don't like to throw stuff away, I was scouting the net to see how much my junk are worth. I was thinking to
trade-in one of my mint PS2 titles on Amazon for $17 since that's still more than  what I bought it for six years ago while strolling the aisles one WalMart store. But as would any wise person do, I went to see how much profit I could make by selling them myself. To my big surprise,  it's worth somewhere between $50-$200 on EBay. Amazon also offers used ones from $60 to $160. I'm definitely not trading it in!

By the way, under some circumstances trade-in is the best option to turn your old electronics or gadgets into [Amazon] dollars. The best part? shipping is free. I have had the opportunity to trade in couple of my electronics. The decisive reason was usually because of postage and shipping costs. As long as I can make $1 profit, I will sell it and ship it myself. If not, trade-in. That's my rule of thumb. This holds true with many PS3 games for instance. 

As for my PS2 Tenkaichi 3, I think I will hold onto it a bit longer. It's not greed, I have a faint sentimental attachment to it. DBZ had more impact on my childhood than anything else. As a matter of fact, it still does. Perhaps this is the same emotions behind collectors keeping things. Anyway, I will let go of it one day, but why not wait til I can get mo' money for my patience?

Here a site which tells you the current value of old PS2 titles. Do yourself a favor today and check the value of your old games and electronics you have no use for. Some of it could be worth nothing, while others might give you some C.R.E.A.M,  dollar dollar bills yo!

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