Monday, April 4, 2016

The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale - Who Got Hit?

I think that this season finale actually saved the show. Has Rick finally met his match? Is Daryl Dead? Was it Glenn?
Negan's explosive entrance caused our protagonist group to for the first time feel helplessness. The title should have been "despair" or some. Negan and his saviors will hopefully give a kick to season 7. I was starting to feel bored since nothing major really occurred in this season.


In any case it was a solid episode. I'm happy that Carol wasn't killed off, she being one of my favorites and all. Plus, what was wrong with her lately? Has peace affected her so badly as inn when Rocky Balboa's trainer told him: what happened to you is the worst that could happen to a wild animal, you got civilized. I just didn't like the timing her character went into an identity crisis.  Thanks to Morgan for helping her get her senses. I wonder if there is a potential romance soup boiling there :). Once she goes back to the camp, she might be the one who saves the group once again.

Daryl and Glenn: Who got hit?
According to TWD die hard fans, Daryl and Glenn should've been killed by now. That is according to the comics story line. They better not kill them...yet! Not sure what the group can do if Daryl bites the dust in season 7. As for the unlucky one who got smashed by Negan, I hope think it was either Eugeune or Aaron.

Have you seen Rick's face while down on his knees? The guy was shaken to his core. Negan succeeded in trapping our heroes with zero chance to escape this ordeal. Come on Rick Grims, we need you to save the day! Perhaps it is time for me read the comics.

Well, the episode ended with a true cliffhanger. Now all we got to do is wait for Games of Thrones to restart later this month, and wait for a possible Fear The Walking Dead season 2. Until then peace yo!

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