Saturday, May 7, 2016

Captain America: Civil War, A Short Beefy Review

Despite thirteen protagonists, one antagonist, and few other characters, Civil War really pulled it off.

Just came back from the movies to see the third installment of Captain America: Civil War (I think a proper title would  have been Captain America: The Avengers Beef). If you felt a bit disappointed after watching Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justicewelcome to the club by the wayCivil War will definitely give you the run for your money. Here is a personal take on my experience with A bit of spoilers.

Unlike Dawn Of Justice's sporadic boring moments [and one annoying character], Civil War was never boring at any point during its two and half hours. It surpassed Age of Ultron because instead of focusing on battles and destruction, it focused on real dilemmas of right vs. wrong and ideals vs. laws. Yet, it was still funny and packed with amazing action scenes. More importantly, the movie goer could feel the emotion, something Dawn Of Justice failed to convey.

The Best
  • Despite thirteen protagonists, one antagonist, and few other characters, Civil War really pulled it off.
  • No one Died. In case you haven't read the Civil War comics, do yourself a favor and do so for the next couple of weeks. Lots of heroes die at the hand of old foes, but even more sadly, old comrades. Everyone expected someone to kick the bucket, but thankfully the team is still complete though divided.

The Good
  • It was exciting to see both Spider Man and Black Panther in the trailers. However, I had some reserved feelings about another re-re-return of our friendly web slinging hero and Black Panther as a novice superhero. I was not sure how the latter hero would be welcome especially for a non-white lead who's going to have his own movie soon. But man, he had some real kicks! 
  • Civil war had some real funny moments. Ant Man and Spider Man really stole the show under that category. It was refreshing to see a movie based on grim and grey issues but still enough one-liners that will make you watch again.
The Okay
  • From Nigeria to Wakanda, passing through Europe and many many other cities, it was nice seeing Mama Africa!

The Not So Good
  • Absence of Hulk and Thor. Although the presence of either of the green beast or the thunder god would have meant game over, it sure would have been nice to see a cameo or two. Ever since the events of Ultron, Dr. Banner is still M.I.A.
I think super hero films will meet their demise one of these days, but Civil War proved that those days are far away from now. As far as I recall The Dark Knight was the only movie I went to see more than once at the theater. Civil War might just be the other movie I would gladly spend $11 once more to enjoy and forget about my worldly stresses for two and half hours.

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