Thursday, February 25, 2016

How To Export The Content Of A Folder Into An Excel Spreadsheet

One of the most useful tips I came across lately:

It's quite easy to follow, but I will later update the post with some here is a step by step illustrated guide:

  1. Press the Shift key and right click on the folder you want have its files in a list
  2.  Select "Open command window here" and the Black Box shall appear
  3.  Now type the command you would like to perform:
    • dir /b > dirlist.txt
      •  This will list file names only
    • dir > dirlist.txt
      •  This will list file names, date of creation, and file sizes
    • dir /b /s > dirlist.txt
      •  This will list everything including the folder structure
    • I will use  dir > dirlist.txt for the rest of the illustration
  4.  Press enter
  5.  Go inside the folder and you should see a text file
  6.  Now open up Excel and import the text file
    •  Make sure to select "Text Files" from the drop list
  7.  A weird window should pop up, click Next 
  8.  Follow the guide and choose where you want to have the break lines. Each break line denotes a column break 
  9.  Now select the type of format you want for each column, or just skip
  10.  Click on Finish
  11.  Now feel free to do some formatting and remove things you don't need
  12.  Don't forget to save! 

 Hope this illustration helped you, lights out!

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