Friday, February 19, 2016

Delete all Your Google Contact Pictures

I love Google for many reasons. However, If I have to pick one from the top of my head it would be Google Contacts. Technology has come a long way. I recall just over 8 years ago, on top of saving all my contacts on my devices, I also had to make sure there was a physical back up contact book. Thanks to the way devices sync these days, I no longer need to worry about my contact book being lost, or my cell phone stolen or wiped out for one reason or another.
The not so distant past seems so far away nowadays. Anyway, enough with my bouts of reminiscence. Here is a fix if you want to delete all of your contact pictures whatever your reason is:

Go to Select All contacts. Click Export on the top right. MAKE SURE ALL CONTACTS are being exported. Save this file as a Google file.
Go back to the main page and delete all your contacts. If you want to clear them off your phone too, go to Settings->Account and Sync and make sure you sync your contacts all of your numbers should disappear.
Go back to and click Import on the top right. Import all your contacts back with no pictures attached!

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