Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Edges of Screen aren't visible with M.O.J.O micro console

The edges aren't visible?

This tip from their support site helped me out:

Some televisions will adjust the picture of M.O.J.O. so that the edges are off screen.  To change this, you should check the settings menus of your television and look for Aspect Ratio or Zoom options.  Every television is different so the exact method for adjusting will differ from model to model. However, if there’s a Zoom level option then setting that to ‘Full’ or 'Full Pixel' should solve it. Alternatively, if it’s an Aspect Ratio menu then ‘Scan Only’ is the option to select.
My TV's solution was with the Scan option. I turned it off and VOILA!

In case you are still unaware, Newegg.com is offering the M.O.J.O micro console for $99.99 for more than a week now! Grab one while you can!

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